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Terracotta Tiles

     Called terracotta tiles glazed or unglazed, obtained from baked clay. Originally, it was created manually and does not have a layer of glass, is marked at the same time by a thick (up to 2.5 cm).

     In Italy, the name of the tiles sounded like  “the burning land “. Currently, these materials are used to decorate the floor, walls, fireplaces and interior decorative elements.

     Feature tiles is the production technology. Unlike other types of tile, which is fired at a temperature of 1200-1400C,  “terracotta ” is placed in the furnace with the temperature up to 1000C. To get authentic terracotta tiles, clay coal fire resistant (white) is used, which is not at all resistant to the effects of the high temperature (of the order of 1000 ° C).

     As a result of this low-temperature firing, so characterized by absorption of water 5-15% and have a porous texture. Use on the inside without any extra processing can be a hassle, so this material is also protected by varnish, impregnation, and then obtain the resilience of moisture.

     The main features of the tiles is rough nature of his style. The material is in some ways similar to brick and stone wild of Prague. Sometimes deliberately negligent tiles has dimensions that are imperfect, uneven edges and roughness characteristics. In variations  “right “, even the presence of a wide range of disabilities, including traces of pets, are allowed. This is due to the fact that the tiles dries in natural conditions and current pets (cats, dogs) can be run through it.

Advantages of tiles can be called:

  • Ecological and non-toxic. He doesn’t even have a component that is not desirable for the human body.
  • High fire resistance. This evidence can be considered the use of tiles as a heat resistant tray for the fireplace. In addition, thermal  “backwards ” from the fireplace are finished with terracotta increased 2-3 times.
  • Resistant to humidity, durability.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Special appearance. Use of materials enables you to achieve an unusual style solution, to convey the atmosphere of comfort,
  • Naturalness, the count’s House.
  • The riches of shades of tiles. Range of colors ranging from red-brown to light yellow, there is even a black variation. To get a particular shadow, cobalt or manganese, chromium oxide can be added to the composition of the roasting.

Scope of application materials is cladding walls and floors, heat-resistant tiles are suitable for facing the stove, fireplace, sauna, baths. It is important that as a non-strict geometry, terracotta tiles will hide all the imperfections.

Terracotta forms can be anything. The traditional is a square and a rectangle, and hexagon. In the latter case, the surface looks like a honeycomb.

Perhaps, one of the main characteristics of the tiles is in colour. Saturated warm terracotta tones and a semitone absorbing red energy, with orange and Brown’s cheerful, associated with the measurement.

The Interior, which uses terracotta tiles, giving the feeling of relaxation, security. Due to the fact that this refers to the natural color, it is aligned with other natural colors. While with the artificial, the more acid shades that are not visible.

First of all, it should be noted a win-win combination of terracotta with pastel colours, as well as cold and warm white. Using tiles in shades of beige or light milky interior, you can increase the space visually, achieving a sense of freshness.

The combination of terracotta tiles with the range of Brown give the space a cozy room. The effect of the unusual style ensures the combination of material with the color green (shade leaf), turquoise, red, grey, blue.


     Before laying the tiles, preparation work should be done to clean up and flatten the surface, removing the remaining oil and asphalt of them, finishing old ones. To smooth the surface and increase adhesion, plaster and primer should be used.

     Tiles from a variety of parties may differ in tone, however, is even good, as it allows you to achieve maximum naturalness, natural clay floor effect. To avoid a situation where one part of the surface is darker or brighter than others, it is recommended to install the tiles from several batches at once.

     The tiles are also distinguished by irregularity and little difference in size. In this case, the placement of the material performed with wide gaps between tiles. This allows the last not to be “run ” from each other and do not damage the image of the masonry. When facing the wall and floor, the necessary insulation and vapor barrier surface. Laying starts from the point, and the composition of the adhesive (on the basis of cement or heat-resistant resin) is applied to the surface of the material and the substrate. For this purpose, conventional and toothed spatula is used.

If necessary, use a piece of tile cut it with Bulgaria. You need to cut unnecessary carefully, avoiding the separation of materials.

     Because the distance between the tiles grouting is big enough, the usual here do not match. It was replaced by the composition of the pair of stone to the furnace, which is characterized by resistance to heat. Easier to implement it using the gun mounting, after which it should be widened with stitches.

When facing the fireplace it is recommended to pour during 5-6 hours. Please note that the special heat-resistant adhesive is used to improve the material in this case. Use fireplace for the purpose can 2-3 days after the end of the job.

Tips from designer

The proper use of terracotta tiles in the Interior Designer will help to follow the advice:

  • The interior is refreshingly boring and monotonous terracotta color saturation will help. This can be used as floor tiles or act as an accent light in the Interior.
  • As the main ingredient, it is better to choose a more subdued, muted variation of the tiles.
  • With the dominance of tiles as a finishing, furniture and other interior details it is recommended to take the feel of natural, simple geometric shapes, without the gloss.

Application in the Interior

Today, terracotta tiles successfully used both in classical and modern interiors. No doubt, his place is in antique and ethnic-style rooms. This would be appropriate in Egypt, the interior East. Using tiles with different shades, you can use it in place of avant-garde style or boho. And areas such as the Mediterranean, crude, the State has long been unthinkable without terracotta tiles.

Terracotta can become the center of the interior, and brings additional functionality. Living room or Office, it will add convenience and can be used both in the decoration of walls or floors, and in the lining of the fireplace.  “Friend’s” of these materials will be of the order of furniture of natural light. Widen the range of produced textiles and accessories can be a different color.

A Variant using terracotta tiles in a small room can be a local application, for example, on the floor or fireplace, the entire interior, including wall coverings, are to be mild. This method allows you to extend the room visually.

If such assignment is not feasible, you can make the interior a more original and Regal. The tile in this case used more actively, for example, not only to the floor, but also for the part of the wall. Furniture and accessories-black or dark brown. Such ideas can be realized in the design of spaces, corridors, offices.

Terracotta tiles in the kitchen looks very organic. Floor and wall coating in kitchen apron area is the most versatile option. In the kitchen-style village, where there is, for example, an oven, a nearby wall can also be styled with tiles. Avoid monochrome and make the kitchen more light will also help the use of color is bright yellow, saturated blue or gray.

Calming effects of shade and texture of specially made terracotta has long been one of the popular materials for the bedroom and bathroom.

Attic bedroom comfort in rustic style is due to the use of tile matt on the floor. Naturalness and originality of the interior is also assisted by terracotta plaster on the walls and ceiling beams, wooden frame. Textile with pattern print introduces notes of romanticism and light.

Other style effects achieved in the bedroom Mediterranean style. The combination of terracotta tiles as floor covering and rattan furniture, and curtains of white-snow and canopy-is the embodiment of freedom, romance, the freshness of the sea. An abundance of natural light and high ceilings are indispensable conditions for the interior as it is. By the way,  “Green’s” can be brought directly into the room in the form of pots with Palm trees or vertical gardening from one of the zone.

A Mediterranean theme, complete with rustic, continues in the interior of the kitchen. Once again the floor tiles are harmoniously combined with bricks and wooden beams in the ceiling. The room looks very natural, long lasting. The use of lighter tile is logical in modern kitchen design.

To achieve originality-style dining room allows the combination of terracotta tiles and bright shades of blue, Orange, green. This is a terracotta base here and avoid a riot of colors.


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