Hickory Flooring Ideas, Remarkable for Cozy Living Room

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Hickory hardwood flooring is one among our favourite offerings! Since Hickory is that the densest North American flooring option, it makes for a family friendly wood floor, depending in fact , on the colour you select .

Hickory Flooring Pros and Cons

Hickory is that the hardest North American flooring option, having a Janka hardness factor of 1820. The hardness of Hickory makes it an excellent option for busy households By ordering a Hickory wood floor with a distressed finish, you’ll save yourself hours of cleaning. additionally to the hardness of Hickory, the wood is extremely popular for its grain pattern. Hickory features a mild grain, which more visible than Maple, but not as intense as Oak. for a few customers, the grain of Hickory strikes a balance.

Hickory Flooring Grades

Our Hickory floors are available prime and country grade. additionally , we provide Hickory in our 3/4″ thick engineered. Hickory engineered is one among our hottest options.

Hickory Flooring Durability

Since Hickory wood is so durable, it’s one among our pet and family friendly floors. confine mind; to possess a real pet and family friendly hardwood floor, you’ll want to travel with a lighter stain with a lower gloss finish, better yet, a distressed finish.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Details

The heartwood of hickory hardwood flooring is sepia in color with dark brown stripes, while the sapwood tends toward a creamy white with pinkish tones and fine brown line. Hickory accounts for fewer than 4% of the North American hardwood production so isn’t often seen in hardwood flooring but more often in tools requiring a really dense wood like axe and hammer handles.


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