49 Cute Mix Color Bedrooms for Teenage Girls Ideas

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The color red has been a popular choice in bedroom decoration for years, and that trend continues with the use of color in teen rooms. But teenage girls aren’t the only individuals who enjoy red. While red is still a very popular and natural selection for many colors, do not let it dominate your space. Instead, combine red with other neutral colors to create an atmosphere that works for any age girl.

Pastel and much more neutral colors are a fantastic match in a teen’s room. This applies to both boys, and girls, as well as infants and toddlers. The key is to choose pastels which have a soft look to them. You can get these in both dark and light shades, and they’ll go with almost any color scheme. To add a dash of color to your nursery, try pairing light pink linens with cream or white walls to create a warm and inviting look.

Another terrific bedding option to pair with pink at a teen’s room is a pink bunk bed. Bunk beds are great space savers, enabling you to free up floor space in your child’s room whilst also giving them their very own sleeping place. They are typically more compact than standard twin beds, which means they will be smaller and won’t take up as much space. This makes them ideal for women who just need a few extra beds but are not interested in a full-sized bed. In addition to bunk beds, a girl can opt to add a Quilt, blanket chest, or even a dresser to her room in order to complete the look.

Black and pink go together almost every chance you give yourself. If you’re looking to add a little class to your nursery, paint one wall in black and the other in pink. For an even more dramatic look, add a border of pink along one wall, then paint the remaining walls in black. You’ll have a beautiful room, which will have your little girl feeling like she is in a princess’ castle.

For something a bit more unique, consider adding some pop of color into the mix. Since pink goes with just about everything, try to splurge on a few accessories. A couple small stuffed animals in pink, or a couple balloons in shades of pink can make a great addition to any bedroom. Add a cushion and a colorful lampshade and your girl will be sure to love her new space.

You do not have to choose only one of these terrific color schemes when you color bedrooms for teenage girls. Try several different colors and see which complements your little girl the best. For those who have a lot of natural brown wood furniture in your daughter’s room, you could opt to paint most of it in a really dark, bold brown, while leaving the accents in a soft shade of pink. She would be quite excited to show off her new room, particularly when her friends come to see! These are just a few easy color ideas for bedrooms for teenage girls.


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