Reading Nook, Cozy Place for Spend Your Free Time

Reading Nook

Reading Nook Via : Goods Home Design

DecoLovers wish to spend free time reading? For those folks who have this hobby, it’s certainly important to possess a cushy and quiet private spot. Well, to make the environment in question, it doesnt need to have a personal libraries reception or provide a special room.

Many angles are often used as reading nooks (reading angle). Not to be spacious and crammed with large shelves, DecoLovers just got to make that angle as comfortable as possible. It can change some corners of an abandoned home by adding bookshelves, chairs or sofas and seating mats, pillows, reading lights and tables if necessary. Here are some areas of the house that DecoLovers can modify.



Window. Via  : Learning Centre

The outside view can make the world round the window feel spacious, so, it’s very interesting to be an area to relax. Place a daybed next to the window, fill it with pillows, and welcome to DecoLovers‘ favorite spot reception.


Comvert Empty Corner with Shelves and Sofa

Convert Empty Corner with Shelves and Sofa. Via : This Beautiful Day

Instead of leaving it abandoned, the corner of the house also can be converted. Make these empty corners more attractive and functional. Make the foremost of it with a bookshelf and straightforward seating.


Hallway Reading Nook

Hallway Reading Nook. Via : Homedit

Of course DecoLovers need more creativity to arrange the hallway area because if it’s not suitable it can make the space feel claustrophobic. Well, bookshelves are often an excellent option to install along the hallway walls. Complete with one chair, a cocktail table or standing lamp and luxuriate in your reading time!


Under Stair Nook

Under Stair Nook. Via : Cushion Source Blog

Of the steps This is a stimulating area to make. Some turn it into a toilet, storage, and in fact, reading nook. DecoLovers can fill diagonal corners with bookshelves and add small sofas, for more cozy reading nook.


Attic Room

Attic Room. Via : Shelterness

Its private location can provide its own comfort. Fill the space with DecoLovers‘ favorite items, then add windows as sweeteners.


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