7 Latest Minimalist Pergola Kits Architecture Models for Home Terraces

The weather in a tropical country or entering the summer is very hot, it needs special treatment so that your residence can be comfortable. One of the elements of the house that you need to pay attention to is the Pergola. The Pergola of the house is a frame and roof that is usually installed on the front porch of the house or building.
The function of this Pergola kits is to give the impression of shade for occupancy. The area under the Pergola that is relaxed you can use to relax, besides that another function is to cover the carport area. The amount of the Pergola itself can be adjusted to the amount of space needs such as parking for 1 car or 2 car , relaxing areas and so on.

The following are 7 models of minimalist Pergola for the terrace of the house that can be used as a reference.

1. Minimalist Pergola of Iron for Modern Industrial Homes

Pergola with iron material is the most commonly used material and easy to find. This material was chosen because it is longer lasting. Iron can also be combined with wood or glass. Some types of iron such as iron rods, hollows and steel. The provision of paint also determines the final result of the impression of a Pergola, as black paint describes the industrial impression.

Minimalist Canopy of Iron for Modern Industrial Homes

2. Artistic Wooden Pergola

This type of Pergola is very easy to find in Indonesia. In addition to environmentally friendly materials, the impression of blending with nature is also very suitable for home design in this tropical area. Some types of wood are also suitable as references for the Pergola, such as wood beams, wood plafond, wood twigs and so on.
The finishing of each wood can also be adjusted to the needs, such as natural varnish, wood paint or unfinished. All according to their own tastes.

Artistic Wooden Pergola

Application of wood beam material by arranging chunks of wood rods that are given a distance adjusted to the magnitude. You can use recycled wood to get an artistic impression on the terrace of the house.

Tips : For small houses, choose small wood and 20 centimeters away so that sunlight can still enter.
The Pergola with the next wood material is wood plafond. That is flat wood that is used as a ceiling filler. The impression that arises is luxurious and elegant because the lighting of the lamp gives warmth to the connoisseur.
The next wooden Pergola is with a type of patern. Where these woods are arranged vertically and horizontally so as to give a slick visual effect.

3. Corrugated Curtain Pergola

This Pergola is a type of Pergola made of fabric. Its use is by arranging the width of the narrow stretch of fabric as needed when the sun is hot. So this fabric is used as a Pergola roof Pergola to reduce the sun’s heat. It does require extra care if you choose this type. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the fabric, especially if the color is white. Wash to keep it beautiful.

Corrugated Curtain Pergola

Tip: For good fabric selection is a type of fabric that is waterproof and hydrophobic. That is a fabric that has a dense density so that it can withstand rainwater. It is not recommended to install it in winter.


4. Pergola of Polycarbonate Material next to the House

This type of Pergola has begun to be found around the house. The distinctive curved design gives a dynamic effect. In addition, a durable iron frame and easy to clean becomes a suitable choice for you.

Some types of polycarbonate materials are transparent and solid polycarbonate. Transparent materials you can choose to get optimal lighting, while solid materials can slightly reduce excessive sun.

Pergola of Polycarbonate Material


5. Light Steel Pergola with Hanging Light Pendants

This type of material is one of the most economical. Minimalist design and color is perfect for homes with modern concepts. In addition, other advantages are that it is easy to dismantle the pair as needed.

Light Steel Pergola

6. Minimalist Modern Glass Pergola

The last type of Pergola is the glass Pergola. This glass Pergola is more dominant in providing protection when it rains. As for withstanding the scorching heat of the sun, it is still easy to enter the room. The difference with the iron Pergola is the dominance of the use of the material. For this type of Pergola, glass is still dominant than iron which is just a frame.

Minimalist Modern Glass Pergola

Minimalist Modern Glass Pergola

7. Green Pergola with vines

Pergola with additional vines suitable you choose for dwellings that have a green concept. The recommended plants are plants with tendrils such as passion fruit, alamanda and so on. In order for plants to grow properly pay attention to soil fertility and water availability. That is by watering in the morning and evening and giving fertilizer regularly.

Green Pergola with vines

Green Pergola with vines

Make plants part of the “upholstery” of your home’s façade and carport. The presence of plants can improve good quality in the home, such as increasing the amount of oxygen and lowering the stress levels of residents. • If you live in a calm windy area with a temperature of 18-30 degrees Celsius, and like fruits, passion fruit plants can be an option. Passion fruit plant is one type of vine that is unique, rare, and dense. •




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