30 Lovely Wood Ceiling Design to Spice Up Your Family Room

Lovely Wood Ceiling Design to Spice Up Your Living Room

Lovely Wood Ceiling Design to Spice Up Your Living Room

Wood Ceiling Design – The most common wooden ceilings found within the Brazilian market are Pinus, Cedrinho, Perobinha, Cumaru, Jatobá and Ipê types. These woods are the foremost indicated for his or her density and straightforward drying since they are doing not retain much moisture.

In terms of termites, Imbuia, Jacarandá, Ipê, and Peroba-Rosa are the foremost resistant. the supply of wood types may vary from region to region. due to this, attempt to know beforehand if where you reside it’s possible to seek out the fabric you would like.

The color of the ceiling also changes counting on the sort of wood used. The Cedrinho type features a more reddish appearance, while the Perobinha type features a yellow color. The brown tone is obtained with Jatobá. Pinus has the lightest color of all and is formed with reforestation wood.

Installation of Wooden Lining

The wooden lining offers some aesthetic possibilities at the time of installation that helps tons to compose the visual effect of the environment. It is often installed horizontally, vertically and even diagonally, creating different compositions and features on the ceiling.

Installation, as a rule, is simple, but it’s important that it’s done by knowledgeable to make sure perfect fittings and joints between the parts. Generally, the slats are fitted together within the male and feminine system and, furthermore, secured with a private clip.

Check if the ceiling model chosen is fixed or removable. There are two types available on the market, but removable ones are more suitable, just in case the necessity for adjustments or changes of parts should arise within the future.

After installation, varnish (or paint) and a termite protector must be applied.

Take this information under consideration when choosing the perfect wood for your home’s ceiling. they’re going to determine the aesthetics and strength of the liner.

30 Perfect Ideas for Wood Ceiling Design

Check now a variety of images of projects with wooden lining filled with style and personality:


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