30+ Cozy Patio Roof using Pergola with Tempered Glass

Cozy and Gorgeous Patio Roof with Pergola Glass 52

Cozy and Gorgeous Patio Roof with Pergola Glass 52

Spending time by relaxing on a patio may be a great idea. However, the glare of the daylight or the pouring rain will ruin it. Therefore, you would like to put in a patio roof.

It doesn’t only protect you from the warmth and rain, but it also accentuates your house. Read on to seek out out the way to attach a patio roof to an existing house.

Most Common Ways to connect A Patio Roof to An Existing House
Attaching a patio roof entails intermediate carpentry skills and creativity because there are some ways that you simply can choose between .

All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages . When installed correctly, the patio roof will complement the house and supply an additional entertainment for you and your family for all year round.

Here are 7 alternative ways of attaching a patio roof to an existing house that you simply can apply.

1. Fix the rear Channel to The Fascia Boards Underneath The Gutter Directly

This method could also be one among the foremost ubiquitous ways of attaching a patio roof. to try to to this method, you’ll have the rear channel and fascia strengthened by reinforcing two rafters inside the roof.

It is quite easy and straightforward to try to to , but this method doesn’t allow you to travel high or low.

2. Make The Patio Roof a Touch Bit Higher

It is almost almost like the primary method, but to form the patio roof a touch bit higher, you’ll got to remove the house gutter and place the rear channel a touch higher.

Because the gutter is removed, you’ll got to install transfer flashing from the roof of the house to the patio. It allows you to feature over 100 millimeters of additional height.

3. Install Some Riser Brackets for More Height

If you would like to succeed in a selected height, you’ll lift the roof of the patio with some riser brackets. The patio roof which is raised with some brackets requires a custom barge cap.

It will not only allow you to boost the ceiling up to 2 feet, but also give various splendid options for the finishing look and relaxed ambiance.

You can accompany opaque twin wall sheeting if you would like to urge some natural light for your patio.

Opaque twin wall sheeting that’s installed between the roof of the patio and therefore the barge cap allows natural light to undergo .

If you’re not really into natural light and need to dam it, you’ll infill the gap between the patio roof and barge cap, and seal the rear opening.

To get a cleaner and nicer look, you’ll add some extra flashing wall covering. then , you’ll seal the brackets from the front.

4. Prevent The Splash Of The Rain, Let The Air Flow

The ultimate goal of putting in a patio roof is to guard you from the rain and therefore the glare of the daylight . Unfortunately, it requires you to dam the air flow sometimes.

To prevent the splash of the rain, but let the air flow, you would like to put the patio sheeting over the highest of the roof about 300 millimeters in order that it can perform shield from the rain without blocking the airflow.

It is your best bet especially if you’ve got a fully-covered patio which don’t have much airflow.

5. The only thanks to Get The Cleanest Look

To get the cleanest look without breaking a sweat, you’ll simply attach the rear channel and therefore the patio on to the wall of the house.

It doesn’t only offer you a clean look, but also a far better protection from the rain.

6. Raise The Roof By 500 Millimeters

You can raise the patio roof up to 500 millimeters by removing the eaves, fascia, and gutter. then , cut the rafters back to the wall line.

The back channel is connected to the rafter directly and reinforced. By doing this method, you’ll have a clean finish that’s connected to the wall line.

But, you’ll also got to install transfer flashings on top to finish the design .

7. Neat and Tidy Look

To create a neat and tidy look, extra height is required, eaves, fascia, and gutter are removed, and rafters are crop .

Install FHS columns on top of the wall. then , place and reinforce the patio to the rafters. The beam has got to be placed on top of the specified height.

You are getting to got to install a custom box gutter on the house and custom barge on top.

It will assist you confirm that everything is watertight. you’ll also need some kind of cutting underneath to finish the work .

And below are some ideas for Patio Roof using Tempered Glass


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